No 1 March 17


            Celiaís been at it again


            Iím in Self Isolation,

            Thinking of things to do,

            You know besides my baking,

            I write a poem or two.


            We donít know much about all this,

            And life could get a bore,

            As I donít want to break the law,

            Geoffís had to lock the door.


            I love to see my Great Grandchildren,

            Give them a love, a hug,

            Oneís just taken her first steps,

            God how I hate this bug.


            We could be stuck in for a month,

            Oh no ! It might be two,

            Make sure you and your husband,

            Find plenty of things to do


            Go dancing in the kitchen,

            Learn new dances just come out,

            Keeping yourself busy,

            Thatís what itís all about.


            So my friends itís goodbye for now,

            Being cut loose I donít know when,

            But please try to stay healthy,

            Until we meet again.