No 2   March 19

            Just something to brighten your day


            They always say ďhow time flies byĒ,

            This Iíve begun to doubt,

            Iíve just been stuck in here 3 days

            And I need to get out.


            I suppose Iím very lucky,

            That Iím not on my own,

            Geoffís always there for company,

            And we ring our loved ones on the phone.


            I dare not put the oven on,

            In case I start to bake,

            Thereís definitely one thing I donít need,

            Thatís great big lumps of cake.


            Writing poems a better option,

            Thereís no calories in that

            But weíve got cupboards full of food,

            I suppose Iíll still get fat.


            Not long ago our diaries,

            Were full of things weíd planned,

            Now the pages are all empty,

            Ďcause everythingís been banned.


            The events have all moved on a year,

            Thereís no option, I can see,

            But please donít make it longer,

            You know Iím 83.