No 5   March 23


            Im sitting here quite happy,

            At the response that I have had,

            If I can help to make you smile,

            It makes me really glad.


            I never thought Id see the day,

            About toilet rolls Id care,

            I think something must have been said,

            Of what Im not aware.


            Theres a shortage now of toilet rolls,

            Because of the bug were told to fear,

            I thought we were looking for throat & chest,

            Not chronic diarrhoea.


            I can see from my last poem,

            I hit a sore point (LOL),I realise,

            The mention of Izal toilet rolls,

            Brought tears into your eyes.


            I really mean that literally,

            Weve experienced this ourselves,

            Lets pray they dont find old stock,

            And put them on the shelves,


            Were not happy with this problem

            But in a year or two,

            Well all have fancy toilets,

            That do the job for you.