No 6   March 24


            Today I’m being serious,

            And ask for your support,

            To try to beat this killer,

            We must follow last nights report.


            The experts are working overtime,

            Hoping everyone survives,

            By following their instruction,

            You know we’re saving lives.


            We’ve all got to think positive,

            Not grumble and start to whine,

            Think of the doctors and nurses,

            Putting their lives upon the line.


            I’ve lived through all the war years,

            Which was different, because,

            We weren’t working in the dark,

            We knew who the enemy was.


            So all of you must stay inside,

            And try hard not to stress,

            The whole world is in turmoil,

            We’ve got to cure this mess.



            Because we still need food supplies,

            The corner shop may have to do,

            They’ve struggled on for many years,

            And just used by a few,


            The owner’s really friendly,

            Though some things are quite dear,

            He asked have you just moved in,

            “No, I’ve lived here 30 year”


            Someone may benefit from this

            Just tried to finish with a laugh.