No 7   March 25


            By popular demand, another edition of “The Daily Celia”


            We’re officially on “lockdown”,

            Something never known before,

            You might as well accept this,

            Until they find a cure.


            We’ve got to change our lifestyle,

            If we are going to cope,

            Don’t forget that we’ve been told,

            To use a lot of soap.


            Then wash all your door handles,

            That’s where the bugs might hide,

            I just don’t know how they get in,

            When we can’t go outside.


            You’ve got to keep your spirits up,

            Try some games you enjoy to play,

            Start making your life different,

            So you enjoy each day.


            Try making meals you’ve never made,

            And hope they’re a success,

            I’m sure they’ll get eaten,

            Even if they look a mess,


            We must try to do something new,

            Go on, lets see who dares,

            Look at me. I’ve done it,

            I’ve turned into Pam Ayres.


            Well done Celia, a day without a mention of toilet rolls.