No 9   March 27         


            Celiaís message for today.


            I know that Iíve been locked in,

            But Iím working, in a way,

            Iíve got to think of something,

            To brighten up your day.


            I keep suggesting things to do,

            When you can not get out,

            But of course on my agenda,

            Certain things I must leave out.


            Thereíll be no talk of Zumba,

            Or press ups on the floor,

            Itís more likely to be dominoes,

            Or a round the garden tour.


            Bakingís still my love of course,

            I still keep doing that,

            I know you wonít want recipes,

            You say they make you fat.


            I know my ideas may not please,

            So please donít get downhearted,

            Just send me your suggestions,

            Then we can all get started.