No 10   March 28


            You’ve all saying I should write a book,

            Of this I love the sound,

            By the time they let us out of here,

            I hope I’m still around.


            Geoff and I are so compatible,

            And all our days we plan,

            Although we’re over 70,

            We’re going to beat this ban,


            To make our days indoors go well,

            We’re trying different things,

            Please all try to do this,

            See the pleasure that it brings.


            Cook a really lovely meal,

            Take a bath, get dressed to kill,

            You’re “on holiday” in a restaurant,

            But you won’t get a bill,


            Geoff and I are doing this,

            Then some games we start to play,

            We’ve had a really smashing time,

            And didn’t go away.


            This isn’t something I’ve made up,

            It’s what we really do,

            Please give it a try and let me know,

            If it works for you.


            I’m trying hard to make you smile,

            ‘cause we’re not out there talking,

            From the responses that I get from you,

            I feel this could be working.


            I know that we’re all reaching out,

            To try and help each other,

            So if these poems are helping,

            I’ll start and write another.