No 100  June 25


              WELL, The letter from The Queenís not here,

              I donít think that she knew,

              I really am not bothered,

              As long as Iíve got you.


              Iím grateful for your friendship,

              It keeps me going on,

              Ďcause when you get to my age,

              Often all your friends have gone.


              I just cannot thank Geoff enough,

              Heís been a tower of strength,

              To get these poems to you on time,

              Heíd go to any lengths.


              You say Iíve made you happy,

              Thatís how it was meant to be,

              But really if the truth were known,

              Itís you who have helped me.


              This lock in brought me happiness,

              I went on a chat show,

              It just couldnít have been better,

              I can talk, (as you all know).


              My heart goes out to those alone,

              They need to be set free,

              But if I were to be truthful,

              Itís flown for Geoff & me.


              I donít want you to get this wrong,

              We need this to be over,

              So we can start where we left off,

              And all our lives recover.


              To those of you whoíve read my poems,

              And managed to reply,

              I think I may just carry on,

              And hereís the reason why.


              You wonít enjoy your breakfast,

              Without a word from me,

              You say I brighten up your day,

              Thatís what I want to see.


              So if I send a verse to you,

              So that you will not forget,

              I want you to remember,

              We havenít got out yet.