No 101  June 26


            Well,  weve been part of history,

            Although it was not by choice,

            We could be getting to the end,

            And then we can rejoice.


            Were all a little sceptical,

            We want to keep on track,

            I think we are still frightened,

            The whole thing could come back.


            But as we did when we were locked in,

            We thought on the positive side,

            Lets start to live our lives again,

            And our worries try to hide.


            When we started lockdown,

            I said Id write a poem each day,

            Well now Ive got to a hundred,

            You thought Id go away.


            I think that you would miss me,

            And I know that Id miss you,

            Id love to go on sending poems,

            And see the whole thing through.


            So if you are fed up of me,

            Your facebook just ignore,

            Because I havent gone away,

            Im going to send you more.