No 102  June 27


              We had rationing when I was small,

              Shopping never was much fun,

              But my father had a lot of land,

              And on it, a hen run,


              We had about 200 hens,

              But we’d to send the eggs away,

              To the Yorkshire Egg Packing Company,

              About this we had no say.


              People were only allowed one egg per week,

              So of course we kept a few,

              I took them to the neighbours,

              They gave me a sweet or two,


              When we got the little chicks,

              They were only a few days old,

              We had them by the fire,

              So they did not get cold.


              But when they started laying eggs,

              I did not like them then,

              I had to collect their eggs each day,

              They pecked me again and again.


              We also did have 3 geese,

              My mum treat them like a pet,

              She called them Pip, Squeak & Wilfred,

              This I can’t forget.


              Every morning mum called to them,

              It always made me laugh,

              When they popped their heads up,

              From somewhere in the grass,


              There were many things you couldn’t get,

              But we managed to get by,

              We were really lucky,

              We had our own supply.