No 103  June 28


            I’ve told you my father had some land,

            And when the grass got high,

            We didn’t have fancy machinery,

            A man came with a scythe.


            We always locked the hens away,

            But one was left outside,

            It went into the long grass,

            And thought that it would hide.


            Unfortunately for the little hen,

            Just when it laid an egg,

            The man caught it with his cutter,

            And broke it’s little leg.


            My dad wanted to wring it’s neck,

            My mum said “No! I’ll get it fit”,

            She found 2 pieces of firewood,

            And made a splint for it.


            When we let it go on it’s own,

            It could not have been in pain,

            We christened it “The Cowboy”,

            ‘cause it walked just like John Wayne.