No 104  June 29


              When my children were all small.

              It was hard to visit anyone,

              No-one needs invading,

              Iíll tell you, itís no fun.


              The oldest 5, the youngest 1,

              They came as quite a packet,

              And when they all started squabbling,

              My god, was there a racket.


              The only place that I could go,

              Was to my Mother in laws,

              She loved all her grandchildren,

              And they loved her of course.


              She lived about 2 miles away,

              And they needed their fresh air,

              It was quite a trauma walking,

              And took a lot of care.


              My Mother in law was wonderful,

              Of her Iím full of praise,

              When I lost my mother,

              She stepped into her place.


              When we went back home at night,

              We always caught the bus,

              One night when we were getting on,

              There was just room for us.


              There were 2 people standing,

              My pushchair Iíd to fold,

              The children went in front of me,

              And did as they were told.


              The conductor pushed the bell to start,

              We all fell upon my son,

              He yelled at the top of his little voice,

              ďCanít you see sheís not bloody onĒ,


              I really wasnít best pleased,

              They didnít swear usually,

              But this time I was proud of him,

              For sticking up for me.


              No-one tried to help me off,

              When we had to go,

              They were all too busy laughing,

              At the miniature hero.