No 105  June 30


              I told you how hard mumís life had been,

              Youíd think it could not get worse,

              But sometimes life is cruel,

              As it takes you on itís course.             


              I know you love to hear my memories,

              Of which I am quite glad,

              A lot of them are funny,

              But some of them are sad.


              I know you think Iím an only child,

              But thatís not exactly true,

              If things had been kinder to us,

              There should really have been two.


              My mum had a baby girl before me,

              Marlene Elizabeth she was called,

              Mum had a party on Christmas day,

              A lot of the family called.


              Marlene began to seem quite ill,

              We always had a car,

              So they rushed her to the hospital,

              It was much quicker by far.


              They did not bring her home with them,

              She died on Christmas Day,

              She was just 13 months old,

              And been taken away.


              They said my mum could have no more,

              Of course the sadness did not end,

              Then to get her through her sadness,

              God sent me, her heart to mend.


              Thatís why she was so protective,

              Always want me in her sight,

              It was just because she needed,

              To see I was alright.


              Bringing back so many memories,

              One thing she couldnít bear to see,

              I was 8 years old when she found the courage,

              To put up a Christmas tree.