No 106  July 01


            My first husband had a pal,

            In fact he worked with him,

            When I was in hospital with my 3rd baby,

            For some reason Jack brought him in.


            Id just had 3 in 3years,

            He said Id like to bet,

            Youll be in here again next year,

            I said you can forget.


            He said hed really like a bet,

            Hed put a bob on it,

            Id always thought him very strange,

            In fact he was a twit.


            But I went and lost my bet,

            My fourth came as he said,

            He said wed go out for a meal,

            Something else for me to dread.


            We went to a nice restaurant,

            There was just the four of us,

            He brought his wife, Id never met,

            Im sure we went by bus.


            He called the waiter over,

            For a glass of water for relief,

            I thought that he was feeling ill,

            But in the glass he put his teeth.


            So there we were looking at the glass,

            I felt sick when my meal came,

            That was the end of our friendship,

            We never went out again.