No 107  July 02


            Since we’ve heard things are getting near,

            To opening up again,

            Leah’s waiting for The Pleasure Beach,

            Her excitement she can’t contain.


            She’s waited almost 12 months,

            And hopes the measure she does use,

            Will be correct for The Big One,

            God help if they refuse.


            She’s not afraid of anything,

            Loves her Granddad by her side,

            If she’s not big enough for some rides,

            Her anger she can’t hide.


            They call one ride “Grandma’s”

            And that some people fear,

            She can’t hold back her excitement,

            ‘cause she’s big enough this year.


            I know that she will love it,

            Though it could blow your brain,

            I suppose we will be getting off,

            To join the queue again,


            We’re there when it all opens,

            And stop there all the day,

            After 8 hours on the rides,

            She’s still to drag away.