No 108  July 03


            Writing about The Pleasure Beach,

            Has brought something back to me,

            In fact it brought me pleasure,

            And my kids for once went free.


            I took them to Heysham Head,

            They wanted to go on the rides,

            We’d already been to a playground,

            On the swings and on the slides.


            I’m sure my life was all on rides,

            Anything to please,

            When we got to the seaside,

            They thought money grew on trees.


            This day up at Heysham Head,

            They loved it I could see,

            The young lad in charge of it,

            Suddenly came up to me.


            He said, I need to go somewhere,

            I won’t be very long,

            Will you watch the ride for me,

            I’ll leave it going on.


            The kids were happy, so was I,

            I’d say “over the moon”,

            He left me half an hour,

            His return was much too soon.


            But the kids were shouting “let me off”,

            Of course stopping was not up to me,

            The kids might just have got fed up,

            But I got it all for free.