No 11   March 29



            I know it’s very bad right now,
            But I feel very blessed,

            Because from the comments on my poems,

            You seem to be impressed.


            Our circle of friends is growing,

            Let’s keep them coming in,

            If you have friends that are alone,

            Tell them to join in.


            We’ve all been sent to Coventry,

            Not literally, of course,

            I’m sure I wouldn’t look too good,

            Riding naked on a horse.


            Oh, I do write some rubbish,

            But that’s what it’s all about,

            We’ve got to have some respite,

            From the news and all the doubt.


            I have to fill my head with poems,

            There’s things I can’t comprehend,

            How long we’re going to be inside,

            And will it ever end.


            I have said “at my funeral”,

            Please play “Aint Going Down”,   LOL (Garth Brooks Line Dance Song)

            Well I Aint going nowhere,

            Not even into town.


            So keep you’re comments coming in,

            They make my day, I swear,

            I love us all to keep in touch,

            And the friendship we all share.


Just for your info Celia is a big Garth Brooks fan.