No 110  July 05


            It looks like we are getting near,

            To being all let out,

            Youd think this was the end of it,

            But I am full of doubt,


            We have a holiday booked in Marco,

            Wed really love to go,

            Its not until October,

            By that time we should know.


            Firstly, are the planes flying as before,

            The rules in Marco well have to seek,

            If were lucky and get there,

            Will we be in quarantine for 2 week.


            Back home things will be different,

            Well all feel a bit strange,

            I think that we are going to find,

            Our lives well re-arrange.


            Weve been in for a long time,

            And it is going to show,

            There wont be any dancing,

            To meet the friends that we all know.


            I hope well get back normal soon,

            Weve really had enough,

            For some more than others,

            Things have been quite tough.