No 111  July 06


            From being a very young age,

            My dad didnít see too well,

            Glasses he had to wear at school,

            His classmates gave him hell.


            I donít know how he managed it,

            But he bought a motorbike,

            He bought it for my mum as well,

            To drive it she would like.


            Of course there were no driving tests,

            Not much traffic on the roads,

            They both took turns at driving it,

            They both loved it loads.


            One day they thought theyíd have a treat,

            And visit a zoo,

            I donít know which they went to,

            But they caused ďa right to doĒ,


            Whilst looking in the monkey cage,

            His head too near the rails,

            The monkey took his glasses off,

            And sat up in the cage.


            All the crowd was laughing,

            My dad couldnít see a thing,

            The monkey really enjoyed it,

            Crowds of people it did bring.


            Eventually the keeper came,

            And rescued the glasses for dad,

            Dad was pleased they were alright,

            But the monkey was quite sad.


            I just wish Iíd have been there,

            I would have had a laugh,

            And said as you were the star of the show,

            Can I have your autograph.