No 112  July 07


            We havenít seen each other,

            But weíve spoken through the net,

            The times that we have gone through,

            Will not be easy to forget.


            Letís hope weíve won the battle,

            And this silent war have won,

            Itís because of all our efforts,

            A big thanks to everyone.


            Donít think that itís all over,

            Please carry on the task,

            Keep up the social distancing,

            And please try to wear a mask.


            I think that we are nearly there,

            But please donít letís be slack,

            The last thing any of us want,

            Is this thing to come back.


            Our social lives will all come back,

            And at the dancing we will meet,

            And you know that could mean,

            Celia will bring you a treat.