No 113  July 08


            With my daughters being born so near,

            They all had babies together,

            They decided on a triple christening,

            So of course itís down to mother.


            We had a triple christening,

            They invited all their friends,

            And of course with family as well,

            The guest list never ends.


            Eventually we ended up with 70,

            The christening wasnít dull,

            Then everybody came back to our house,

            I can tell you it was full.


            Iíd been baking and cooking for a while,

            We needed loads to eat,

            Providing for so many,

            Was quite a hefty feat.


            We also provided all the drinks,

            We waited on behind the bar,

            From the amount that we did get through,

            Iím sure no-one came by car.


            It was after the service ended,

            They came up to our home,

            They came at 11.30 am,

            And at 11.30 pm they finally went home.


            By the time the last one left us,

            Every cupboard in the house was bare,

            But weíd all had a super time,

            And so I didnít care.


            We are still having christenings,

            I go there by request,

            Itís lovely to enjoy myself,

            Of course Iím just a guest.