No 114  July 09


            We are all so worried,

            About the changes taking place,

            We know things will be different,

            For the whole of the human race.


            But after yesterday at The Pleasure Beach,

            I can re-assure you all,

            That things will get back to normal,

            Wed the best day I can recall.


            With only 40% of the people there,

            We didnt have to queue,

            People all wore their masks as told,

            You really felt the changes, had made it safe for you.


            The staff could just not do enough,

            They were there for all you need,

            I can tell you that it made me feel,

            This new way of life really could succeed,


            If a place as big as The Pleasure Beach,

            Can open and give us pleasure,

            Id like to say a big thank you,

            For the enjoyment we all treasure.


            All my family love this place,

            Ive been going nearly 80 years,

            Now me and all my loved ones,

            Will give you 3 big cheers.


            We thought it may not reopen,

            And all feared for the worst,

            But now theyre back in business,

            And your safety has come first.