No 115  July 10


            One year on holiday in Tenerife,
            We had a walk to town,

            When it got to almost 12,

            We thought we would sit down,


            We found a little coffee shop,

            Right on the sea front,

            We only had a coffee,

            They had nothing else wed want.


            We waited for the coffee,

            The sea bashing the sea wall,

            Geoff suddenly decided,

            Hed go and pay a call,


            Id finished off my coffee,

            But Geoff I couldnt see,

            I had to call the waiter,

            To see if hed help me.


            He said that he would help me,

            I said he was so kind,

            It would be such a relief for me,

            If my husband he could find.


            Geoff came back in minutes,

            He said did you not hear me shout,

            Ive been in the toilet 20 minutes,

            And just could not get out.