No 116  July 11


            I feel to have mixed feelings,

            The lockdown we did not expect,

            But after this few days at the caravan,

            I think people are showing respect.


            Respect for all the businesses,

            That have put in so much time,

            To try to get our lives back,

            Theyve certainly helped mine.


            2020 has been dreadful,

            We feel weve been at war,

            Weve been dealing with the unknown,

            Possibly an enemy much harder than before.


            We all think its still out there,

            So the rules weve got to keep,

            So show respect for others,

            The benefits we will reap.


            Of course we have worn our masks,

            This rule we must accept,

            And of course social distancing,

            Weve all got to respect.


            These last few days whilst away,

            Things are feeling much more normal,

            Weve done everything we wanted,

            Gone about it quite informal,


            So if you have not ventured out,

            Youve got to make that move,

            And get your life back on track,

            Im sure you will approve.


            Im trying to reassure you,

            Not to be afraid,

            Things are getting back to normal,

            But the rules must be obeyed