No 117  July 12


            Yesterday’s poem I tried to help,

            The people who’ve not been out,

            I thought feeling safe at 83,

            Would help reduce your doubt.


            At the Pleasure Beach I felt quite safe,

            You could see the work they’d done,

            There’s no doubt they wouldn’t have opened it,

            ‘til it was for everyone.


            Saturday night we went to the Bingo,

            All the rules they’d put in place,

            The tables were all well spread out,

            We all had lots of space.


            The only grumble I have got,

            I think that you should know,

            We didn’t win a penny,

            But I still like to go.


            So after the 4 months we’ve had,

            With the worry and the strife,

            I think it’s time to take that step,

            And get on with your life.