No 118  July 13


            I keep going to write a final poem,

            But I just cannot do it,

            Some of you are still locked in,

            Iíve got to see you through it.


            I know you like to read my poems,

            With the first meal of the day,

            I just could not spoil this,

            Iíll carry on, OKAY.


            If we get any new rules,

            Iíll put them into verse,

            If not, Iíve got lots of poems,

            Theyíre there as a reserve.


            There may be different subjects,

            Which Iím sure youíre going to like,

            Weíve turned into a family,

            I wonít print what you dislike.


            Some of us have ventured out,

            To get our lives on track,

            But I understand thereís others,

            Who are frightened to come back.


            We wonít know what the future holds,

            And the new rules seem a strain,

            But when weíve just got used to them,

            Theyíll change them all again.


            So letís all take it slowly,

            And rejoin the human race,

            And look forward to the moment,

            When we meet face to face.