No 119  July 14


                                  The last few poems Iíve wrote for you,

            Iíve felt like an ďAgony AuntĒ,

            Trying to help you take that step,

            Which some of you just canít.


            So best to wait a little while,

            Ďtil youíve picked up the courage,

            Iím sure your family and friends,

            Will be there to help you manage.


            So I thought weíd do something different,

            Something you may like to try,

            My granddaughter called today, and said,

            In lockdown a jigsaw you couldnít buy.


            This is because we all had to change,

            So that we could all get through,

            And try to stay from getting bored,

            With something new to do.


            Weíve all done something different,

            And it may help our friends,

            If you can send me your ideas,

            See if someoneís life it mends.


            So if you have got any tips,

            And you have got the time,

            Please put them on our Facebook,

            You donít have to make them rhyme (LOL)