No 12   March 30


            Iíve given myself a target,

            To write a poem for every day,          

            This might be too ambitious,

            The length we just canít say.


            Some days it may be very good,         

            Others could be ďnaffĒ,

            Of course I will be trying,

            To give you all a laugh.


            You know Iím very old now,

            And getting on in years,

            But Iíve just got a brand new job,

            To be just like Pam Ayres.


            Things are getting really bad,

            No hairdresser for my hair,

            Iíve had to have a go at it,

            First time in forty year.


            I wonít look in a mirror,

            Donít need seven years bad luck,

            Iíll go into the kitchen,

            And find something to cook.


            I think Iíll start to grow my hair,

            My body, get in shape,

            You may see a new woman,

            When they let me escape.


            So please try to stay happy,

            We donít want any sorrow,

            Just think of me, Iíll be in touch,

            With a poem for you tomorrow