Celiaís obviously stuck what to write about this morning,

so sheíswrote one from me. Her words, not mine.



            No 120  July 15


            Iím a little late this morning,

            Iíve had a good lie in,

            Itís not often that this happens,

            Up for hours Iíve usually been.


            So Celiaís had to tell you,

            That I am here at last,

            And hope that it hasnít spoilt,

            Your read with your breakfast.


            It must feel like weíre on holiday,

            Because weíre at the van,

            I donít usually have a sleep in,

            So I get it when I can,


            Of course Celia was waken,

            She doesnít sleep too well,

            Sheís been sat here for hours,

            Sheís written this poem to tell.


            I couldnít keep this quiet,

            You all know Iíve slept in,

            She just had to tell you,

            How lazy I have been.