No 123  July 18


            Now we’ve got great grandchildren,

            But years ago it was grandchildren,

            We had quite a lot of them,

            In fact we did have ten,


            One day I was looking after 4,

            And we’d just got a new suite,

            They were told to play, not charge around,

            And on the chairs not put their feet.


            One of them never could keep still,

            She’ d somersault and flip,

            She climbed on to our new suite,

            And on the cushion broke a zip.


            I can’t say I was happy,

            But she was even worse,

            She said my dad will “kill me”,

            He’ll say I am a curse.


            One of the other dads came first,

            He’s a very handy lad,

            I said can you please help her Chris,

            Her father will go mad.


            Bless him, he mended it,

            And when he had been gone a while,

            Chloe came to see me,

            She had got back her smile.


            She said “Can you ring Uncle Chris for me”,

            He really has helped me so,

            She started singing down the phone,

            “Did you ever know that you’re my hero”.


            She’s reached the age of 30 now,

            And she’s on the right track,

            But when she comes to visit,

            We laugh when we look back.