No 124  July 19


              Everybody’s got a phone,

            That is, all except me,

            I just can’t seem to cope with them,

            Me and phones don’t agree.


            I expect everyone else to have one,

            And they’re needed more and more,

            I will have to make an effort,

            They’re a way of life for sure.


            Geoff gets a number for me,

            Someone I’d like to ring,

            It goes off as soon as I touch it,

            The damn thing I could fling,


            Everywhere you go now,

            Someone’s got one in their hand,

            They’ve got them round a meal table,

            I think this should be banned.


            I’ll have to have some lessons,

            Or I’ll be left behind,

            They’re a big part of the modern world,

            And a big part of mankind.


            The one thing that I would have loved,

            When my children were all small,

            I’d love to have their pictures,

            Then those memories I could recall.


            So the next time that you see me,

            I could just appear,

            I think I’ll join the modern times,

            And have a phone stuck to my ear.