No 125  July 20


            Last night whilst on my laptop,

            I read something I did fear,

            We may not be clear Ďtil Christmas,

            This I didnít want to hear,


            So within the next few days,

            Will have to slow down slightly,

            There may not be a poem everyday,

            We didnít make this decision lightly.


            We love to keep in touch with you,

            And when I get inspired,

            Iíll put it into verse for you,

            So donít think Iíve retired,


            Over the years Iíve written many poems,

            Geoffís kept quite a lot,

            I will keep sending them to you,

            I WILL NOT be forgot.


            I said a lot about my life,

            Things that youíve liked to see,

            I can just see this happening,

            Youíll write a book on me.   LOL


            We are not stopping just quite yet,

            I would miss you all so much,

            And if this goes on Ďtil Christmas.

            Weíve got to keep in touch.


            When you say you donít know how I do it,

            Youíre not the only one,

            Sometimes I canít believe myself,

            Where do they all come from.