No 126  July 21


            I read your comments more than once,

            Youíve been so generous with your praise,

            The lovely things youíve said to me,

            From my mind I canít erase.


            Please donít think Iím finishing,

            I just donít think I could,

            Iím sure that you donít realise,

            Youíve done me so much good.


            I havenít enjoyed the lockdown,

            Well, that could be a lie,

            Writing poems and keeping in touch.

            Have made it just fly by,


            So when I have some news for you,

            Pen to paper it will be,

            I enjoy sending you my poems,

            Youíve not heard the last from me.


            I donít want you to get fed up,

            Me being still around,

            Iím quite hard to get rid of,

            This Iím sure that you have found.


            So with this never ending curfew,

            Iíll search in our archives,

            It could be ďGolden OldiesĒ,

            Theyíll help us to survive.


            Iíve thought about you now for months,

            And sometimes set a task,

            So please whenever you go out,

            Make me happy, wear a mask.