No 128  July 23


            Quite a lot of years ago,

            With the children off our hands,

            We thought we’d buy a caravan,

            We didn’t have as many demands.


            We picked a really lovely site,

            A big caravan we did find,

            Because we had many grandchildren,

            We did have them in mind.


            The site was near to Blackpool,

            Didn’t take long to reach,

            And of course with the grandchildren in mind,

            Quite near to the Pleasure Beach. 


            One weekend one of my daughters came,

            Brought her husband and three girls,

            Their ages were 7, 6 & 5,

            They were 3 little pearls.


            My daughter and her husband,

            Went to the bingo our first night,

            Guess who was left to babysit,

            Of course you are “All Right”,


            I took them to Fairhaven,

            Swings and Slides and a lovely lake.

            The little one saw the ducks,

            That was a big mistake.


            As she got down to look at them,

            She slipped into the water,

            Her sister jumped in after her,

            The middle one screamed, because I’d brought her.


            I took my top off to throw a line,

            I’m stood there in my bra,

            When a man and lady came to help,

            They didn’t live too far.


            The lady slipped into the water,

            And pushed the children out,

            She said the edge was full of slime,

            And dangerous, without a doubt.


            She said will you please pull me out,

            I’m stuck in here for sure,

            We’re pulling people out each week,

            They’ll have to find a cure.


            When my daughter and husband returned,

            Not having won any money,

            They looked at 2 sopping kids,

            And knew it wasn’t funny.


            They asked me where I’d taken them,

            I said a new place I had found,

            The only trouble there had been,

            Two of them nearly drowned.


            You get your children off your hands,

            Then grandchildren arrive,

            Then of course great grandchildren came along,

            Their love makes us survive.