No 129  July 24


            I never read a newspaper,

            Or listened to the news,

            So when Geoff said we must stay in,

            I wanted to refuse.


            I suppose I was quite ignorant

            And I was unaware,

            And hadnt even realised,

            A killer lurked out there.


            Suddenly were cut off,

            From our family and friends,

            I got my thinking cap on,

            And had to make amends.


            Id send a little poem out there,

            That would keep us all in touch,

            I didnt realise at the time,

            It would come to mean so much.


            Although Weve really missed you all,

            Weve had to find a way to cope,

            And though its been a long drag,

            I feel weve still got hope.


            So let us all get positive,

            Were making history,

            And look forward to the moment,

            When its just a memory.