No 13   March 30


                                    From Celia - On a more serious note.


            Although this is a poem for you,

            Written all in verse,

            Iíd like to try and help us all,

            Before anything gets worse.


            The virus is still out there,

            And we just must stay in,

            Itís the only way to cure this,

            Itís the worst itís ever been.


            Iíve been watching on the internet,

            And the advice that they all give,

            All the things to keep you healthy,

            And help us all to live.


            We must help one another,

            And show how much we care,

            So those of you who see my poems,

            Iíd love for you to share.


            If they are on the internet,

            Theyíd love our friendly group,

            Ring someone who is lonely,

            Letís get them in our loop.


            My poems have all been spreading fast,

            Iíd like some help from you,

            To help someone whoís lonely,

            Even if itís just a few.


            I really want to do some good,

            Ease everyoneís frustration,

            Letís help to kill this enemy,

            Pull together as a nation.


            I love to write these poems for you,

            Just to show you that I care,

            We love to read your comments,

            And a like proves youíre still there