No 130  July 25


              As most of you remember,

              On my 80th birthday,

              I did all the buffet,

              I wanted it that way.


              Well, when my daughters got married,

              I did their buffets too,

              When I think back about those days,

              I must have lost a screw.


              It’s a special day for the bride’s mother,

              A beautiful outfit she must find,

              Well not for me, The Buffet,

              Was the only thing on my mind.


              We had the reception and the speeches,

              Everything was right on cue,

              But there I was dressed to kill,

              On my mind was the night “do”.


              The jobs I must fulfil were large,

              Had I done enough,

              The night “do” would be manic,

              If the food ran out, (well tough).


              I drove it to the venue,

              Put on a lovely spread,

              I’d to get dressed for the night,

              I was feeling nearly dead.


              The night was just wonderful,

              Their enjoyment was quite plain,

              But then of course yours truly,

              Had to start again.


              Collecting all the leftovers,

              And get them in the car,

              I had to get it all back home,

              Thank god it wasn’t far.


              I did all this three times of course,

              The memories I treasure,

              I don’t know how I did it,

              But it was a pleasure.