No 131  July 26


            Youíve been reading my poems for months now,

            Iíve sent them every day,

            Iíve loved the comments that youíve made,

            The lovely things youíve had to say.


            I just do not like getting old,

            I think Iíve said before,

            Iíve got no joy from magic creams,

            Donít use them anymore,


            So Iíll let you into a secret,

            You may think that itís funny,

            Well let me tell you here and now,

            Itís going to save you money.


            Iíve got rid of my wrinkles,

            It wasnít a big task,

            I get all dressed up to go out,

            And then put on my mask.


            So go along with Boris

            His message isnít wrong,

            Besides helping kill Covic

            It makes you feel quite young.


            Your wrinkles will be hidden,

            To your friends it brings surprise,

            So keep a smile upon your face,

            Theyíll only see your eyes,


            Weíve not had much to smile about,

            But I think these masks are fine,

            To be honest, I just love them,

            Iíll wear mine all the time.