No 132  July 27


            My inspirationís left me,

            Where the hell has it gone,

            Iíve been racking my brain all day,

            And couldnít think of one.


            This is just not good enough,

            Although Iíve written a lot,

            There should be plenty still to say,

            Thereíll be something I forgot.


            You know Iím never stuck for words,

            I know youíre all out there,

            So please donít start to worry,

            In fact look out, ďBEWAREĒ.


            The one thing I can tell you,

            Now that Iím going out a bit,

            If I see things that shouldnít be,

            Iíll let you know of it.


            Well everywhere we went today,

            Masks were worn by everyone,

            People seem to be aware,

            Their choices have all gone.


            Donít grumble about the masks please,

            I know because Iím older,

            The gas masks that WE had to wear,

            Were in a box, around your shoulder.