No 133  July 28


            Iíve had advice from my employee,

            Not the usual stuff,

            He said forget the masks now,

            I think theyíve had enough.


            I canít do with any back chat,

            Though his rate of pay is nil,

            But then of course I would be lost,

            If his fingers went quite still.


            So what I think Iíll have to do,

            Is take a little break,

            And not go near my oven,

            So he wonít get any cake.


            So Iím waiting here all ready,

            For his suggestions I should write,

            I think that he may struggle,

            I might be here all night.


            Poetry is not his forte,

            But I do need him for sure,

            Heís always there to help me,

            He couldnít do much more.


            I think tomorrow Iíll find a poem,

            Ďcause heís come up with nothing,

            But he is going to think twice,

            Before coming out with scoffing.


            Many thanks to Margaret Bragg,

            Evacuees she just reported,

            My Auntie had one sent to her,

            Thatís tomorrowís poem just sorted.