No 135  July 30


             When Geoff couldn’t help me with my poem,

              My Granddaughter said “Whats this all about”,

              There’s lots of things you could have said,

              Why didn’t you help her out.


              I know the time she’s thinking of,

              It’s a subject I’ve kept clear,

              But now the cat’s out of the bag,

              I guess you’ll want to hear.


              We were in Tenerife on holiday,

              One of our families came with us,

              My daughter wanted Sangria,

              And did she make a fuss,


              When she got the Sangria,

              She said it wasn’t fit,

              Geoff and my son in law said,

              “Well get rid of it”.


              At first they thought it awful,

              But when they had drunk it all,

              It suddenly got better,

              For another they did call.


              My son in law fits carpets,

              And from Lisa being young,

              She’s helped him lift great big rolls,

              So she was very strong.


              I said to Geoff, will you sit up,

              I could see he wasn’t able,

              And then two minutes later,

              He slipped under the table.


              I said “How will we get him home”,

              Lisa, 10 – 12, not any older,

              She said “Don’t you worry Grandma”,

              And threw him on her shoulder.


              Before I put this on Facebook,

              I’ll run it passed Geoff of course,

              I don’t want this poetry “business”,

              To end up in divorce.