No 137  August 01


            You will be happy to all know,

            Itís come back, my ďinspirationĒ,

            But now it has returned to me,

            Itís turned into imagination


            Iíve realised through the pandemic,

            How lucky I have been,

            We really have so many friends,

            Who I feel each day Iíve seen,


            Itís all because of poetry,

            One of the things I do,

            Although I have missed seeing you,

            Weíre managing to get through.


            Some of you must be gutted,

            Long days at home you spend,

            I feel so sorry for you,

            Will it never end.


            Thatís why I think I get spurred on,

            To let you know I care,

            And keep us all together,

            Look at Facebook, weíre all there.


            Things are slightly better,

            But it is not what we expected,

            I think what we have been through,

            Could not have been predicted.


            I donít want you to even think,

            ďOh noĒ sheís here again,

            Iím just trying to do a little job,

            So you donít go insane.


            So my imagination said,

            Theyíve not all been away,

            Youíre such a silly woman,

            Youíve spoken every day.