No 138  August 02


            I know that you all think I crack the whip,

            This isnít really true,

            He loves the job heís got right now,

            Iíll tell you how I knew.


            When we sit down at night,

            And I read him what Iíve done,

            He nearly always says to me,

            ďI canít wait to put that onĒ.


            Iím sure you have all noticed,

            That we are quite a good team,

            Weíve managed something every day,

            Although the length has been extreme.


            I donít know when this will end,

            A book is being written,

            But I think Iíve got enough right now,

            For a second edition.


            I hope weíre clear for Christmas,

            Itís a time that I love dear,

            With all the cooking and the trimmings,

            And the family gathered near.


            My birthday is near Christmas,

            Another year has gone,

            People think I miss out on presents,

            Instead of two, just getting one.


            Why I mentioned Christmas,

            For this nightmare to end,

            I hope itís so much quicker,

            Or weíll go round the bend.


            I know weíre getting resigned,

            To being told just what to do,

            Well this does not sit well with me,

            I donít know about you.