No 139  August 03


            The name of this nightmare,

            Often makes me think,

            You used to order a Corona,

            When you wanted a drink.


            Who thinks of all these names for things,

            If Celia was a hurricane,

            It really would upset me,

            I’d feel I was to blame.


            This pandemic’s gone on longer,

            Than we could all foresee,

            We have had some advantages,

            So perhaps you could help me.


            I think we will all have gained from this,

            Done things, not done before,

            We’ve tried to do something new,

            ‘cause life can get a bore.


            We’ve appreciated the small things,

            For granted, we just took,

            And now, just to meet a friend,

            We can’t believe our luck.


            Going dancing many nights,

            Could often feel a task,

            Now we’d be glad to go just once,

            Even if we wore a mask.


            So let me hear how you have coped,

            And new things you have done,

            It may be something new to us,

            And could help everyone.


            By the time we get out of this,

            We may be all so clever,

            But the way things are going now,

            We’ll be locked up forever.