No 14   March 31



            Iím writing all theses poems for you,

            Thatís not exactly true,

            Geoff & I are loving,

            The likes and comments sent by you,


            In these very trying times,

            To be in contact means so much,

            We donít know how long weíll be in here,

            Itís good to keep in touch,


            We really must be grateful,

            For the internet and phone,

            At least we are in touch with friends,

            And donít feel on our own,


            Thereís lots of people out there,

            With families they canít see,

            They must be really lonely,

            And canít wait to be free,


            So get youíre home all sparkling,

            And all your rubbish clear,

            Ďcause when they let us out of here,

            Weíre not cleaning for a year,


            Weíll go away on holiday,

            Anywhere we choose,

            It could of course be Marco,

            Or perhaps another cruise.


            So use youíre imagination,

            Think what youíre going to do,

            When we hear it on the grapevine,

            That this quarantine is through.