No 140  August 04


            Geoff’s bought me a great big pad,

            Three hundred and sixty pages,

            If I’ve to fill these with poems,

            It will have to be in stages.


            I know you really like my poems,

            I think Geoff enjoys them too,

            If I have to fill this book,

            I may be 92.


            Although he has to type them all,

            They can’t be so annoying,

            I think he just loves this job,

            It’s something he’s enjoying.


            Sometimes when I am in that mood,

            I can seem to churn poems out,

            I’ll have to call on “Fingers”,

            Tell him he can’t go out.


            Over this last few months,

            Although we’re old and passed it,

            We have enjoyed ourselves so much,

            We’ve well and truly smashed it.


            We have got so many friends,

            New ones, my poems they relish,

            By the time we get our freedom,

            They’ll all know Celia Ellis.