No 141  August 05


            I think I’ve gone and done it,

            I think I’ve gone too far,

            He said he had been christened,

            Not “Fingers” by his Ma.


            I’ve really got to tell you,

            He said “What have you done”,

            At 74 years changed my name,

            I’ll be Fingers to everyone.


            I said “what is your problem”,

            There’s really very few,

            Who can get to your age,

            And start life all anew,


            Although I’ve given him his name,

            I do know that he won’t change,

            There’s just nothing about him,

            That I would re-arrange.


            He’s just a one man workforce,

            The best I’ve ever known,

            The only thing that worries me,

            If he said “Type your own”.


            Someone mentioned yesterday,

            The grammar and spelling were so great,

            I can’t take any praise for that,

            It’s just the poems that I create.


            My spelling is just awful,

            And my typing skills didn’t linger,

            That’s why we should be thankful,

            And give 3 Cheers for “One Finger”.


            I know you think it’s a mistake,

            I did it to make it rhyme,

            But if you could see him type,

            It’s one finger all the time.