No 142  August 06


            In these dark & dismal days,

            Itís good to have a laugh,

            Well as you know I christened Geoff,

            My one and only staff.


            You know the Guinness Book of Records,

            A place I thought Iíd make,

            When I christened Geoff at 74,

            My place heís going to take,


            We didnít do it properly,

            Just had a drink instead,

            Geoff was worried for the vicar,

            Putting water on his head.


            We all think itís funny,

            Geoffís not used to his new name,

            But I am sure he will get used to it.

            With his rapid rise to fame.


            One of my favourite dances,

            Right now I just canít do,

            Iíd just be curled up laughing,

            Itís called ďBlue Finger LouĒ.


            He does sound like a gangster,

            A gangsterís moll that does make me,

            Iíll make that book of records,

            A ďmollĒ at 83.