No 143  August 07


            Are we in Lockdown,

            Or are we not,

            Did someone tell me,

            And I forgot.


            Right now it is an issue,

            No good arguing, we wonít win,

            We are being punished,

            For the area we live in.


            I feel like the Scarlet Pimpernel,

            That mask Iíve got to wear,

            I seek it here, I seek it there,

            But Iíll wear it because I care,


            Itís supposed to protect others,

            Itís not protecting me,

            If people donít do as they are asked,

            We never will be free.


            My son said theyíd found a spray,

            It covers you everywhere,

            I said I donít think Iíll bother,

            It just might spoil my hair.


            Theyíve bought loads of anti virus jabs,

            But Iíd just like to know,

            If they work for the first thousand,

            I may give it a go.


            I think they will need guinea pigs,

            These medications they will try,

            They donít give you too much money,

            Just a funeral if you die.