No 144  August 08


            I thought that I would write a poem,

            About the dos and doníts,

            Iíve realised Iím no genius,

            So now I think I wonít.


            I wear my mask when I go out,

            Your glasses steam up you will find,

            You know that youíve to do it,

            But you fear that youíve gone blind.


            You know I donít like driving now,

            Worried Iím in the wrong lane,

            Well now it happens in Morrisonís,

            It gets right to my brain.


            I sit and think about the rules,

            And who is in my bubble,

            Geoffís the only one Iím sure of,

            Thank God that heís no trouble.


            Theyíve started giving half price meals,

            Well of course this may be great,

            But then they say your more vulnerable,

            If you are overweight.


            I read all about it,

            Like Iím sitting an exam,

            I think Iíll press this button,

            And put it all in ďSpamĒ